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Microsoft Excel: from ZERO to ADVANCED


Microsoft Excel is one of the most advanced spreadsheet software and one with a high demand on the market. Whether it is for data sciencefinance and accounting or administration, Microsoft Excel has the tools and libraries that will make your project come to life.

If you have no knowledge whatsoever in this software, this course is for you! You will be gaining all the required skills to be a complete professional in no time.

This course is divided into 6 sections, and made up of 42 chapters. All the exercise files are provided with the videos so you can follow along with the instructor.

The course is divided into the following sections and chapters:

  1. Getting Started with Excel
    • Introducing Excel
    • Entering and Editing Worksheet Data
    • Performing Basic Worksheet Operations
    • Working with Excel Ranges and Tables
    • Formatting Worksheets
    • Understanding Excel Files and Templates
    • Printing Your Work
    • Customizing the Excel User Interface
  2. Working with Formulas and Functions
    • Introducing Formulas and Functions
    • Using Formulas for Common Mathematical Operations
    • Using Formulas to Manipulate Text
    • Using Formulas with Dates and Times
    • Using Formulas for Conditional Analysis
    • Using Formulas for Matching and Lookups
    • Using Formulas for Financial Analysis
    • Using Formulas for Statistical Analysis
    • Understanding and Using Array Formulas
    • Making Your Formulas Error-Free
  3. Creating Charts and Other Visualizations
    • Getting Started with Excel Charts
    • Using Advanced Charting Techniques
    • Creating Sparkline Graphics
    • Visualizing with Custom Number Formats and Shapes
    • Implementing Excel Dashboarding Best Practices
  4. Managing and Analyzing Data
    • Importing and Cleaning Data
    • Using Data Validation
    • Creating and Using Worksheet Outlines
    • Linking and Consolidating Worksheets
    • Introduction to PivotTables and Data Analysis
    • Performing Spreadsheet What-If Analysis
    • Analyzing Data Using Goal Seeking and Solver
    • Analyzing Data with the Analysis ToolPak
    • Protecting Your Work
  5. Understanding Power Pivot and Power Query
    • Introducing Power Pivot
    • Working Directly with the Internal Data Model
    • Adding Formulas to Power Pivot
    • Power Query
  6. Automating Excel
    • Introducing Visual Basic for Applications
    • Creating Custom Worksheet Functions
    • Creating UserForms
    • Using UserForm Controls in a Worksheet through an Example
    • Working with Excel Events
    • Creating Custom Excel Add-Ins

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners in Microsoft Excel who want a complete course to gain all the required skills!


  • No previous Excel experience is required

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