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Ultimate Electrical Design Engineering Course Bundle


“Ultimate Electrical Design Course Bundle” 

The only course which will help you to learn everything about distribution systems design including lighting design using Autocad and Dialux programs, wiring of electrical components, selection of breakers and fuses, design of single line diagram and riser of building, selection of generators, design of earthing systems, light current systems and more

First Course Basics of Autocad” Worth $97

Throughout the course you will learn:

  • Starting Autocad and changing background
  • Drawing line, circle, and rectangle in Autocad
  • Drawing polygon, polyline, and arc in Autocad
  • Drawing multiple lines in Autocad and adding text in Autocad
  • Extending lines, F-shortcuts, and selection in Autocad
  • Diminisions in Autocad
  • Multispiral line and MLD in Autocad
  • Block, explode, move and scale commands in Autocad
  • Rotate, mirror, and fillet commands in Autocad
  • Area calculation and adding a layer in Autocad
  • Drawing a fluorescent lamp in Autocad

Second Course Complete Electrical Design Drawing using Autocad Dialux and Excel Worth $197

Throughout the course you will learn:

  • Basics of Dialux program
  • Understanding the steps of electrical design
  • Design of the lighting systems using Dialux and Autocad programs
  • Wiring of luminaries, sockets, and switches in Autocad
  • Design of panel schedule for lighting and power circuits
  • Selection of circuit breakers and cables
  • Design of single line diagram of industrial and residential buildings

Third Course Voltage Drop, Short Circuits Analysis, and Earthing Systems Design Course” Worth $197

Throughout the course you will learn:

  • Calculation of voltage drop and short circuit by manual calculations
  • Calculation of voltage drop and short circuit by ETAP
  • Sizing of an electrical generator
  • Effect of current on the human body
  • Types of electric hazards
  • Classification of earthing systems
  • Components of earthing systems
  • Design and Resistance of electrical earthing electrodes
  • Design and Resistance of electrical earthing conductors
  • Measurement of electrical earthing resistance
  • Design of earthing systems by manual calculations and by ETAP program

Fourth Course “Complete Light Current Course For Electrical Power Engineering” Worth $197

Learn about the fire alarm, MATV, telephone, data, CCTV, and sound systems for electrical power engineering.

What are you going to learn in this course?

In Fire Alarm System

  • Components of the fire alarm system.
  • Sensors and detectors as smoke, heat, multidetector,..etc used in a fire alarm system.
  • Outputs of the fire alarm system as a bell, strobe light, or horn.
  • Types of modules used in the fire alarm system.
  • Types of fire alarm control panels as conventional, analog addressable, addressable, and wireless.
  • Types of cables used in the fire alarm system.

In CCTV System

  • Camera selection in CCTV system.
  • Types of the camera according to fixed or movable, resolution, and focal length.
  • Management of CCTV system by using quadrature, multiplexer, matrix switch, and DVR.
  • Different cables used in the CCTV system.

In Telephone System

  • Types of telephone systems.
  • Components of the traditional telephone system.
  • Cables, outlets, and different frames used in the telephone system.

In Data system

  • The function of the data system.
  • Data system outlet and different types of cables used.
  • Patch panel, rack, and switches used in the data system.

In the MATV system

  • Components of MATV system.
  • Types of antennas used and frequency.
  • MATV switches, launch amplifier, combiner, and more components.
  • Cables used in the MATV system.

In the Sound system

  • Components of the sound system.
  • Types of speakers used.
  • Selection and function of the power amplifier.
  • The function of the attenuator, rack, and matrix switch in the sound system.

Fifth Course “Complete ETAP Course for Electrical Engineering” Worth $297

Throughout the course, we will cover tons of topics in the ETAP program, one of the most important programs for electrical power engineers.

You will learn in this course:

  • Drawing SLD in the ETAP program
  • Adding components and ratings in the ETAP program
  • How to do load flow analysis in ETAP
  • How to do short circuit analysis in ETAP
  • How to do the voltage drop calculations in ETAP
  • How to do arc flash studies in ETAP
  • How to do transient stability analysis in ETAP
  • Definition of harmonics
  • How to do harmonic analysis in ETAP
  • How to design earthing systems in ETAP
  • How to simulate PV system in ETAP

If you’ve been looking for ONE COURSE with in-depth insight about electrical design, take this course.

Who this course is for:

  • Electrical engineers
  • Electrical engineering students
  • Electrical power engineers
  • Electrical power engineering students


  • You should have a computer or laptop
  • You should have an Internet conne
  • ction to download Dialux and Autocad

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