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Web Security and Web Hacking for Beginners


Welcome to the course on “Web Security and Web Hacking for Beginners”.  This course is designed for beginners who wants to start their journey in web security and web hacking. You will start with no hands on experience in web security and by end of this course you will have deeper understanding of web security.

You will also be able to design new applications with security in mind, significantly lowering the risk and cost associated with deploying new applications. This course if for anyone who wants to Hunt down web, security professional, Developer, Ethical Hacker, Penetration Tester.

The course has both practical and theory session. The practical session includes how you can start with the penetration testing of the websites. For that we use Kali Linux and DVWA as our environment.

If you already have knowledge of basics of web security and basic attacks then I would recommend you to take our course on OWASP or advanced version of Web security course. Udemy gives 30 days money guarantee, so if you are not satisfied with the course then you will get full refund of your course.

There are hundreds of courses out there, so why take this course?

This course is basically designed by taking into account that you don’t have idea about web security and you want to learn basic concept and then directly jump into action. Concepts like URL, HTTP, HTTPs etc. are explained to make student comfortable with the concept that we are going to use and then jump directly to action content like SQL injection, XSS, DDoS, etc. We want to make sure that you learn basics at the same time you don’t miss action while learning basics.

What if I didn’t understood any part of the course?

If you didn’t understood any part of the course then directly write it to the instructor. They will make sure to explain you that part and at the same time if required then they will upload any more videos which can help to clear of the doubts.

I need mentors on the web security, do instructor provide that?

Anyone who takes this course can also get the mentorship access from the instructor which will help you to clear of your doubts about your career in security field or explore other dimensions.

I have some additional question, not mentioned in the above question section.

We love dogs and cats but certainly we don’t bite. So feel free to ask any question you like even if you think that is the dumbest question you can think of.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wants to start career in web security
  • Developers who wants to have understanding of web security
  • Entrepreneurs who wants to save their online assets


  • Basic knowledge of computer is required

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