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Amazon Web Services (AWS), 3rd Edition


Amazon Web Services (AWS) LiveLessons is a full-featured video course meant to teach you AWS from the ground up. With over 18 hours of video training, this in-depth course uses foundational training, hands-on demos, and thorough analysis to first introduce you to Amazon’s many AWS services and then provide in-depth examples for how to use those services. This title is a great way to start your AWS journey.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) LiveLessons starts with an overview of AWS, including AWS compute services, AWS database services, AWS Analytics services, and AWS monitoring and automation services among others and going in depth about the basics, concepts, practices, and theories of AWS to become a full-fledged AWS practitioner. The course also covers the prerequisites and skills required to be a successful candidate for AWS certification exams, including AWS Cloud Practitioner and AWS Solutions Architect exams.

This all-new video course is taught by experienced trainer Chad Smith and is full of hands-on demonstrations using both the AWS Console and the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), giving you the opportunity to test out the skills and practice your knowledge as you work your way through the course.

Topics include

  • Module 1: AWS Overview
  • Module 2: AWS Identity and Access Management
  • Module 3: AWS Network Services
  • Module 4: AWS Compute Services
  • Module 5: AWS Storage Services
  • Module 6: AWS Database Services
  • Module 7: AWS High Availability Services
  • Module 8: AWS Analytics Services
  • Module 9: AWS Management Tools
  • Module 10: AWS Monitoring and Automation Services
  • Module 11: AWS Security Services
  • Module 12: AWS Developer Services
  • Module 13: AWS Billing and Cost Management
  • Module 14: Course Wrap-Up and Next Steps

About the Instructor

Chad Smith has worked in IT for 25 years, starting out as a Linux administrator, progressing through operations, network, and security in various roles. He is now the Principal Cloud Architect at Chad is a Certified Architect for Amazon Web Services. He brings a wealth of personal experience in cloud adoption, infrastructure design, cloud operations, and cloud security. He holds current AWS certifications in Architecture, SysOps, Security, Networking, and Databases.

You can follow Chad here:

  • Twitter: @brightkey_cloud
  • LinkedIn:
  • Professional blog:
  • Email:

Skill Level

  • Beginner to Intermediate

Learn How To

  • Get started with AWS, including networking, computing, storage, managing databases, and security
  • Understand cloud-computing platforms, and how AWS fits into them
  • Use EC2, CloudWatch, S3 Buckets, and more
  • Use IAM, VPC, NACLs, AMI, ECS, EKS, EBS, and other various tools

Who Should Take This Course

  • Software developers
  • System administrators
  • Solutions architects
  • Anyone migrating applications to or building applications natively in the cloud
  • Anyone pursuing AWS certification

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