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Microsoft Access 365 Master Class: From Beginner to Advanced


Just about everyone knows and uses Microsoft Excel, but many of the things they use Excel for would be better done with Access.  In just about every office, there are people struggling with long, multi-step processes with Excel that could literally be done with a single mouse click in Access.  The problem is that while Excel is the most awesome data analysis tool on the planet, it is not an effective database!  BUT people are using it for that purpose anyway because it is all they know.

So why doesn’t everyone just use Access?  Well, here is the bad news:
It is harder and takes longer to get productive with Access.

But then again there is some good news too:
It is harder and takes longer to get productive with Access.

What?  Is that a typo?  How can the  good and bad news be exactly the same?

Here is the deal – MOST people won’t take the time to learn Access.  They will continue to struggle doing their laborious, complex Excel database processes because they do not have the discipline and determination to learn new ways of doing things.  BUT these people, and the companies they work for, are VERY HAPPY to pay someone who can show them a simple database that does these same tasks with a few mouse clicks.

No matter what office environment you are in, if you take the time to learn Access and implement it to automate some of your own tasks, you will soon be “discovered” by your co-workers and you will start getting requests for “help” with their work.  Bosses who are not accustomed to getting exactly the report they want ahead of time will start asking for more detailed reports and the person who can deliver on these requests becomes much more valuable as an employee.

For you, the person who decided to work extra or work on your own time to get productive with Access, you will benefit for that short time of intense work for the rest of your life.  Things that other people assume are very hard to do are not hard at all and every time you are confronted with something new, you learn a little more about Access. 

The more you work with it, the better and more skilled you become.  You will find that you have transitioned from semi-manual labor with Excel (copying and pasting, doing many steps), to THINKING about how to use the power of Access to automate the entire process.  You will have enriched your work environment and your life!

I’ve worked with Access just about every day since it was first released and I learn more about what it can do every week!  There is just about no limit to what you can do and you are limited only by your imagination.

So are you the one who wants to make a positive change in their life?  Are YOU the one who is willing to work hard for awhile to reap the benefits forever?  The person who will stand out, who will be as close to “layoff-proof” as possible and always in demand?

Take this course and let me layout the basics of Access and explain why everything I’ve said above is true – and could be true in YOUR LIFE too!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for students who are dissatisfied with how they are handling data now and know there must be a better way.
  • This course is also for those who have attempted to learn Access before and been confused with courses that don’t seem to address real world problems, or explain the basics before burying the student in an avalanche of detail.
  • Students who realize that, if they make the effort to learn Access, they will save a great deal of time later.


  • Students need a general knowledge of Windows and using Microsoft Office programs like Excel
  • Students should have an Office 365 subscription and have the latest version of Office installed, which includes Access
  • No database experience is needed. You will learn all that in the course!

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