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The Complete Excel Pivot Tables Course: Beginner to Advanced


**This course includes downloadable course instructor files and exercise files to work with and follow along.**

Data analysis is essential in today’s data-driven world. Data is crucial in understanding businesses, analyzing trends, and forecasting your business needs. Due to such weight placed on data analysis, it is just as important for you to have relevant skills to handle and analyze data efficiently.

Pivot Tables is a vital Excel skill for jobs involving big data analysis and visualization. Pivot Tables are an interactive way of quickly summarizing large amounts of data by grouping and aggregating datasets while letting you analyze data in a clear and effective way.

This course will discuss the importance of cleaning your data before you can create your first Pivot Table. You will also learn how to create Pivot Charts and how to format your Pivot Tables and Charts. We teach you how to make the most of this powerful data analysis tool through some advanced features including Advanced Sorting, Slicers, Timelines, Calculated Fields, Pivot Charts, and Conditional Formatting.

This course is aimed at those brand-new to Pivot Tables and for intermediate users who are looking to expand their Excel skills. This course includes downloadable excel data files that the instructor uses in the tutorial so you can follow along.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to Clean and Prepare your Data
  • How to create Pivot Tables
  • Using the Fields pane and adding Fields and Calculated Fields
  • How to use the Value Field Settings
  • Formatting Numbers in Pivot Table
  • Different ways to Summarize Data
  • Grouping and Ungrouping Pivot Table data and dealing with Errors
  • How to use Multiple Fields and Dimension
  • Methods of Aggregation
  • Choosing and Locking the Report Layout
  • How to format Pivot Table and apply Styles
  • Basic to advanced Sorting and Filtering
  • How to create Pivot Charts and add sparklines and slicers
  • Selecting the right Chart to present your data
  • Adding Slicers and Timelines and how to apply on multiple tables
  • How to combine data from multiple worksheets for a PivotTable
  • All about GETPIVOTDATA
  • How to use 3D Maps from a PivotTable
  • Adding new Data to the original source dataset
  • How to update your data in a PivotTable and Pivot Chart
  • All about Conditional Formatting in a PivotTable
  • How to create amazing looking dashboards

This course bundle includes:

  1. 13+ hours of video tutorials
  2. 100+ individual video lectures
  3. Exercise files to practice what you learned
  4. Certificate of completion

Who this course is for:

  • Users with basic knowledge of Excel 2019/365 and those upgrading from previous software versions
  • Users who have a foundation of Microsoft Excel and seeking to advance their Excel 2019/365 knowledge.
  • People looking to perform Data Analysis using Excel
  • Beginner Excel users who want to learn how to use Pivot Tables


  • Microsoft Excel for Windows. The course was created using Excel 2019/365 for Windows. All of the code used in this course except for one property is compatible for Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016 and Excel 2019.
  • Basic to intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Excel is beneficial.

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