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Test Driven Web Development with Spring Boot & React


This course is purely built on practice. And it’s built on three main topic. Spring BootReact and Test Driven Development.

After completing this course you’ll be able to see the use cases of these frameworks and why they are so popular, and also you’ll experience the power of test driven development methodology. We will do refactoring a lot, and we will not break anything because of our tests.

We will be building a real life application. Each code piece we write, will be for our actual application implementation.

In each section we will gradually build our application. We will not jump ahead and add functionality not needed for that moment. We will implement one requirement at a time. Each implementation will bring the next requirement to us. And following this path will help us to feel and understand what are the frameworks doing and how they are easing application development.

We will see various practices about

  • how we can build a restful web service with spring boot with all necessary functionalities like validation, internationalization (i18n), static resource serving, caching, json manipulation
  • how we can handle database operations with spring data
  • how we can secure our application with spring security
  • how we can build a single page application (spa) with react
  • what is redux and how we can use it
  • how we can use react router
  • how we can replace class components with functional components by using hooks

and we will see

  • how test driven development (tdd) works.
  • how it’s affecting our code quality, reusability
  • how it’s giving us the confidence about refactoring our implementation

because of the tests we have for our components, we will easily convert our components from class to function. And we will use hooks and tests will make sure nothing will be broken after that changes.

The course is up to date with the latest Spring Boot version 2.4 and React 17

Who this course is for:

  • Developers who are interested in Fullstack Web Application Development with Spring and React
  • Developer who wants to see Test Driven Development in action


  • Experience with Java or JavaScript required

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