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From Engineer to Technical Manager: A Survival Guide


Hey, you got promoted to manager! Congratulations! But… moving from an individual contributor role to a managerial one is more challenging than any engineering problem you may have faced. Managing people is a lot different from managing machines!

I’m Frank Kane, and I’m here to help you through it. I made the transition from software engineer, to manager, and ultimately senior manager at Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle. And I did it while maintaining the highest review ratings and low team turnover in a very challenging environment. There’s a lot about management I had to learn the hard way, but I’m going to share those tips for success – with you – in this course.

At this end of this course, you’ll be driving results with your team that are much bigger than what you could have achieved yourself. And you’ll know the most common pitfalls for new technical managers, and how to avoid them. In short, you’ll be set up for success as you move from managing machines to managing people.

This course covers:

  • The most important survival tips for new managers
  • How to deliver results from your new team
  • The basics of people management nobody taught you
  • Hiring the best people for your team, and letting go of those who are holding your team back.
  • Working effectively with upper management
  • How to build and maintain morale on your team to keep it productive
  • Tips on growing your own career in management over time

I designed this course for engineers or technicians moving into their first management role, but early-career managers will also benefit from these tips. Or, maybe you’re just considering making the move from individual contributor to manager, and want to know what you’re getting into – this course can help with that, too.

This course is full of practical tips and activities; we don’t mince words or waste time on empty business-speak. Choose to maximize your chance of becoming a great manager – enroll now, or check out the free preview lectures to see if this course is for you.

Who this course is for:

  • Newly minted technical managers
  • Engineers considering a move into management
  • Early-career managers looking to improve their management and their teams


  • All you need is some familiarity with the professional world.

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