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The Complete Siemens NX course 2021: From zero to expert!


Nowadays, knowing how to use a 3D modeling and design software means many things for any designer, engineer, architect or professional in the sector, and all of them are very positive. The most successful large companies of the 21st century are using it to create their products and digitize their prototypes, and every day they are looking for more and more people who can conduct this type of work. But… I know what you’re thinking. You don’t know how this kind of thing works and you think it’s very complicated. Well, believe me, you still have time to learn, and you are also in the right place!

In this course you will learn to use a software called Siemens NX from scratch, which of course I will teach you to install and download, and you will work with the latest version. But… what is Siemens NX for? Well, very easy. With this software you will be able to design 3D models, create parts and make technical sketchings or drawings of products in a professionalized way.

My name is Laureano Boira, I am an engineer and industrial designer and I have been using CAD or 3D design software for years and teaching about its use. In this time I have realized that every day it is more necessary to use a fast, complete and practical tool such as Siemens NX, and that is why it is not surprising that today it is one of the leading software in the sector.

For this same reason, I felt the need to create quality content about the subject, and thus facilitate and above all speed up and accelerate the learning process, compressing all the content in just 8 hours. This course will help you put into practice the essential tools and functions to get the most out of Siemens NX, from zero to hero!

The important thing about the course is that you will not only watch and listen, but you will also do it yourself. Thanks to the exercises in the course and the detailed step-by-step solutions, you will be able to put everything you have learned into practice. And of course, at the end of the course you will have acquired knowledge, among other things, in topics such as the following:

  • For what, how, and why Siemens NX?
  • Fundamentals of 3D design, CAD, CAM and its applications
  • Software interface and toolbars, properties, hotkeys, work plane, QuickPick dialog, etc.
  • Step-by-step drawing and sketching
  • Creation of 3D models using all the software tools.
  • Advanced Features: Placed, Pattern, Mirror, Rib, Groove, Draft Body…
  • Practical problems, finishing with a complete engineering exercise of a Robot Arm, and much more

This course is perfect for people who have heard of Siemens NX, but don’t know how to use it and need to get better at modeling or digital design. What I mean is that it is completely suitable for beginners and people who have no idea of ​​the subject, since everything will be explained from scratch. So don’t be afraid, because as I have already told you, this is the time to learn a skill that companies seek more and more every day, and if you don’t believe it, you can check it yourself by searching the Internet!

If that were not enough and you are still not convinced, you have to know that I will be at your disposal and I will answer all the questions you want in the shortest possible time. Learning Siemens NX has never been easier. What are you waiting to join? I really want to be your instructor!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners in Siemens NX or in 3D modeling, sketch or CAD software
  • Anyone who wants to learn 3D modeling, industrial design, technical drawing…
  • Any engineering, architecture or design student
  • If you are simply a curious person who likes to design pieces, draw or create with your imagination, Siemens NX is made for you.


  • None, the course is from scratch, although some prevous knowledge of software or 3D modeling may help
  • You will only need a decent computer to download and install Siemens NX (don’t worry, if you don’t know how, I’ll explain it in the course)
  • Of course, a desire to learn!

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