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Automotive Engineering Diploma


  • This Program is one of the most comprehensive online programs that specialized in automotive technology. This program is all about learning the automotive technology from basics to the Advanced level, in a very easy simple way using over a thousand of figures, diagrams and illustrations. So During this program you will learn and study every single piece inside the automobile. So you will study the basics of the automobile technology, Components and systems and after that you are going to learn in depth these components and systems and how they operate, function and work to gather, enabling the vehicle to move from one point to another. So you are going to learn Automotive Engine parts, systems, operations, Automotive Electrical and Electronics Systems, Automotive Manual and Automatic Transmission, Clutches,  Automotive Drive Axle and Differential, Diesel Engine principles, Hybrid Vehicle, Automotive Suspension Systems, Automotive Break Systems, Automotive Steering systems, Automotive Sensors, Automotive Lubricating and Cooling Systems, Automotive Intake and Exhaust Systems and many other systems and principles in Automotive Technology. At the end of the Program, you will have a strong understanding of Automotive technology and how different parts work together, Making Automobile operate, function and drive safely and comfortably.   I wish that every on of you enjoy this program.

Who this course is for:

  • Any one is interested in Automotive and Mechanical Engineering


  • An interest and eagerness to learn

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