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Full Stack Next.js with Redux, Express & MongoDB


Next.js is a framework for creating React applications that comes with a page-based routing system, server-side rendering, static optimization with data-fetching, automatic code-splitting, client-side routing with page prefetching, built-in CSS (and SASS) support and API routes.

Next.js is based on React, webpack and babel. It is an awesome tool for creating web application and famous for server-side rendering. Next.js was built by Zeit.

While React is awesome, Next.js takes it a step further with better SEO owing to its Server Side Rendering feature. Next.js is a fast-growing React framework that is currently in use on over 110,000 repositories on github.

Next.js has a wide set of features that most tech enthusiasts and companies love;

  • Hot Code Reloading: It automatically reloads the application when changes in the code get saved.
  • Automatic Code Splitting: By this feature, every import in the code get bundled and served with each page. It means that unnecessary code never get loaded into the page.
  • Ecosystem Compatibility: Compatible with JavaScript, Node and react.
  • Server Rendering: Easily render react component on server before sending HTML to client.
  • Styled-JSX: Styled-JSX allows you to write CSS directly inside JavaScript code.

This Course covers the basics of setting up your Next.js app and configuring it for Redux, MongoDB, Bootstrap 4 and LESS styling, from there we will go over some implementations of these key features, the aim is to give you a solid understanding of what can be accomplished and how you can accomplish it.

We will also take into account some best practices when it comes to file structuring

This Course is For You If….

  • You want to be able to create web applications and web servers in one of the more common modern ways
  • You still don’t see the big picture when it comes to web development
  • You want to fast track your way into becoming a Full stack web developer

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner web developers
  • Beginner software developers with basic knowledge of how the web works


  • Basic JavaScript, HTML, and CSS Understanding

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