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Advanced Excel – Beginner to Ninja level (includes Charts)


Advanced Excel Ninja” is a comprehensive online training program on Microsoft Excel. It is divided in 12 sections and covers exhaustive list of topics. There are 90+ tutorial videos and the duration is 13 hrs. Topics often ignored in other advanced online programs have been included. Demo Preview Lecture 89 and 90 to find the difference.

  • VLOOKUP() with MATCH()
  • HLOOKUP() with MATCH()
  • INDEX() with multiple arrays & two MATCH()
  • Using TRANSPOSE() formula
  • Form Control Buttons for Dashboard
  • SUMIF() vs. SUMIFS()
  • SUM() vs. SUBTOTAL() while using Filter
  • Hidden Text-to-Columns tricks
  • Using IFERROR() vs. IF() + ISERROR()
  • Applications of INDIRECT() and OFFSET()
  • Pivot Table tricks on calculating automatic sum, count, percentage and generating grouped data headings
  • 3-Data Consolidation
  • Power of “GO TO – Special” along with Ctrl+Enter
  • Using “Find and Replace” with wildcard characters
  • Combo techniques for Data cleaning
  • Formula-based Conditional formatting
  • Charts – Thermometer, 2 axis, Trendline, Axis value settings
  • Inserting Picture in Comments… and the list of such tricks is very long

So if you intend to take your Excel application skills multiple notches higher, gain from the experience of a training instructor who –

  • Is a qualified Chartered Accountant
  • Has worked with KPMG and J.P. Morgan
  • Has trained 12,500+ professionals (Apr 2010 – June 2016) in face-to-face training programs
  • Has incorporated in this online program 100s of tip-n-tricks, which he has acquired over the years through various forums, experimentation, problem solving challenges and training interaction

And by the way he has conducted more than 200 (two hundred) workshops for one of the Big Four firms, where the participants are from numerous departments and domains. The insights acquired have been meticulously incorporated in to the program.

Instructor: CA. Rishabh Pugalia, Founder, Excel Next

The participants will be provided lifetime access to videos plus downloadable Excel Case Studies and picture-based HandBook (PDF).

Who this course is for:

  • Working Professionals, Students of Professional Courses
  • Aspiring Corporate Trainers (Advanced Excel)


  • MS Excel 2007/2010

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