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ChatGPT & YouTube: AI Tools for YouTube Video Creators


YouTube, Made Easy with Chat GPT & AI Tools.

Be a more productive, efficient video creator with the help of AI tools like ChatGPT.

This course will teach you everything you need to know to reduce the boring, busywork – and spend more time on the fun creative parts of video production.

What will you learn in this ChatGPT & YouTube course?

  • Automate many of the tedious YouTube processes like writing titles, descriptions, tags
  • Quickly come up with trending ideas for your next YouTube video
  • Draft video outlines or entire video scripts with ChatGPT
  • Research competitors & YouTube trends with ChatGPT
  • Optimize SEO for old videos to give them new life
  • Create YouTube thumbnails with Midjourney, DALL-E and Adobe Firefly
  • Convert long-form videos into shorts with Vidyo AI
  • Automatically create videos from scripts with Pictory AI
  • Generate professional AI-voice overs
  • Clone your own voice
  • and so much more!

Who is this course for?

We created this course for anyone who makes YouTube videos and wants to be more efficient & better at doing so.

This course is perfect for individuals or businesses who want to learn how to use AI tools to improve their video creation process.

This course is not for anyone who already uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT and other AI tools in their video creation process – it’s really geared towards complete beginners of these tools.

Being a YouTuber should be fun.

AI tools can reduce the repetitive, time-consuming aspects of video creation. We’ll show you how.

Always updated with the latest Artificial Intelligence for video creators.

We will be updating this course whenever new AI tools are released or updated for video creation. The world of content creation is rapidly changing, and this course will keep you updated with the best tools for video creation.

Watch the free preview videos to start learning!

Once you enroll, you’ll get instant access to hours of easy-to-watch video lessons, practical activities, downloadable resources to help you out, and premium support if you ever get stuck!

Get instant access

  • Hours of easy-to-watch video lessons
  • Downloadable course workbook with top tips from every lesson
  • Instructor support if you have any questions
  • Lifetime access to course updates

This is a practical, real-world course.

Everything we teach in this course is based on the real world success or our own channels, as well as the most popular creators out there. We include several case studies on our own brands so you see exactly how we put what we teach into practice.

Enroll now, and see you in lesson 1.

Phil & Dan

Who this course is for:

  • Any video creators & YouTubers who want to learn how to use AI tools like ChatGPT to improve their process
  • Businesses who create YouTube videos
  • Video Creators who want to use AI to improve their video production process
  • This course is NOT for ChatGPT users who already have an in depth experience using ChatGPT


  • You should have a ChatGPT account to be able to follow along and practice what we teach. A free account is perfect fine to use.
  • There are several other AI tools we teach. Some are free, some have free trials, and some are only available for purchase.

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