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Advanced LinkedIn Advertising: LinkedIn Ads Advanced B2B


This B2B LinkedIn advertising course builds on my previous one by showing you how to build more scalable full-funnel campaigns, instead of just focusing on the low-hanging fruit when it comes to lead generation. You will learn how to build an efficient lead generation campaign with the appropriate content. Learn from someone who has been doing LinkedIn advertising since 2011, has worked for companies of varying sizes (including the Fortune 100), and has a top-tier marketing MBA from Philip Kotler’s school.

Here are some of the key topics for hands-on LinkedIn advertising:

  • Targeting in-market and out-of-market buyers with different approaches
  • Awareness marketing
  • Frequency, reach, and other metrics such as the price to get people to consume videos
  • Bidding strategies to lower your costs
  • Video marketing in detail with B2B examples
  • Full-funnel demand generation (not just direct-response)
  • Sophisticated awareness marketing that segues into lead generation
  • Targeting & testing
  • Applied B2B marketing strategy considerations
  • Monitoring KPIs such as reach and frequency
  • Building scalable campaigns
  • Using LinkedIn for research
  • Spotlight ads, NEW event ads & organic post boosts
  • Fixing failed campaigns and diganosing strategic and tactical problems

I provide REAL EXAMPLES of LinkedIn campaigns I ran for multiple companies.

I’ll transform you into an advanced B2B LinkedIn advertiser.

I’ll walk you through how to generate leads and solve critical problems like paying too much for leads or not getting enough responses because you haven’t hit the right funnel stage.

Learn from a veteran marketing guru with 11 years experience working for tiny startups all the way to up to the Fortune 100. Your instructor has an MBA from the #1 ranked school in the USA for marketing.

B2B Marketing & Business Development

Who this course is for:

  • Marketers
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Entrepeneurs
  • Social Media Marketing Managers
  • Demand Generation Managers
  • B2B Marketing Managers
  • Digital Marketers


  • You should take my other LinkedIn advertising course first

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