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Learn to Master Google Drive


Learn to Master Google Drive for productivity, Security & Team Collaboration

Google drive as a cloud storage platform is the most popular for storing your files. But also Google drive is the most versatile application from Google. With your google account you not only get 15GB of free storage on your Google drive but also can access many more Google applications. Some of the commonly used are Google docs, Google sheets, Google drawing, Google forms and you can also built a free forever website with Google sites.

In this video course I will give you a detailed introduction to Google Drive features and a brief introduction to mostly commonly used Google apps which I just mentioned. Storing your files only on your PC or laptop is highly risky. What if something happens to these devices and you lose all your data. Therefore, now a days people have started to upload files on some trusted cloud storage platforms and Google drive is definitely the most used platform.

Key Features of Google Drive:

  1. Provides online storage
  2. Global access with an internet connection and on any device
  3. Security
  4. Sharing & collaboration with team members

The biggest benefit of using Google drive is the ability to share you documents with your team members with security. Multiple team members can work on the same document at the same time. You can grant any of the 3 different levels of access. You can allow them to only view your document, or allow them to make a comment or the highest level is that you can offer them full editing access. All documents on google drive will be saved automatically.

Google drive is far more than just a place to store your files. There are many Google applications built on top of Google drive. I have also dedicated one video for some of the popular Google apps such as google docs, Google sheets, Google forms,Google sites but this course is not a detailed course about these apps. However if you want to know about any particular feature of these apps, you can send me a question because I answer all the questions of my students if I have the answer to their question. The best thing about these apps is that any document you create using these apps does not count against your free quota of 15GB.

Another cool feature of Google Drive is that you can store various versions of your documents. You can keep a record of what changes have been made to a particular document and you can restore a previous version of the document if you want.

With time your files will grow on Google drive, you have the ability to search within your Google drive in the same way you search on Google.

In short google drive is full of features,office applications, sharing and collaboration capabilities and if you want to learn how to use google drive, hit the Enroll button and I will see you inside the course.

About This Udemy Course on Google Drive:

This Udemy course on Google Drive is for everyone interested in saving and securing files online with a Gmail account. I will start from the very beginning, such as how to create a Google account and then I will walk you through over my shoulder to all the features of google drive.

Course Lectures

[Please read this before Enrolling in the course]

Following Topics are currently covered in this course. I will be adding more topics if demanded by students.

Lecture 1: How to create a google Account and start Using Google Drive

Lecture 2: Google Drive Backup and Sync

Lecture 3: Using Google Drive to Send Files Larger than 25 MB

Lecture 4: Brief tour of user interface of Google Docs

Lecture 5: Light box Preview

Lecture 6: Handling Word Documents

Lecture 7: Sharing & Collaboration in Google Drive

Lecture 8: Revision History

Lecture 9: Understanding Google Forms with a Survey Example

Lecture 10: Tour of Google Sheets user interface

Lecture 11: Google Drawings

Lecture 12: A Useful Chrome Extension for google Drive

Lecture 13: Overview of google Sites

Lecture 14: Adding Flares to Google Drive

Lecture 15: Signing a PDF Document using a Free app

If you have any questions, please put forward and I will try my best to answer your questions.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners to Intermediate users of Google products.


  • Familiarity with computer and internet.

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